asya geometry book

Asya Geometry Book

Asya geometry book covers the most basic level geometry topics. “The most important claim that we are outside of traditional geometry teaching patterns is in the simplicity of our expression.”

All of the questions in the book have been solved, the questions have been solved in many ways and in detail, and the proofs of the necessary theorems have been made before the solution. The ability to comment on the solution was tried to be developed by establishing a link between the following questions. However; with its original design and solution technique, with a systematic question types from easy to difficult; It is aimed to increase the student’s study efficiency. I firmly believe that anyone who has sufficient or not enough knowledge of geometry, but who has an effort to learn, will benefit from this book.
(From Publicity Bulletin)

  • Fully resolved
  • Proven
  • Systematic from Easy to Hard
  • Helping School
  • Memorable
  • Easy to Understand Expression
  • Original Design

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