how to solve geometry problems

How to Solve Geometry Problems?

To solve geometric problems;

-You must have basic knowledge of algebra.

-Don’t just look at the title text, but also carefully analyze the geometric shapes.

-Get to know the relevant geometric formulas sufficiently. It is very important to skillfully use the geometric formulas. If you are given an equilateral triangle, for example, then immediately envision the various formulas of the equilateral triangle.

-Use construction lines. If you can’t work on shape problems and have no idea, try to draw construction lines. Auxiliary lines are divided into construction lines inside graphics and expanded construction lines outside graphics. For many geometric shapes, many doubts about the problem will be resolved when the auxiliary lines are made correctly.

Practice a lot to solve it fast

University exams the best thing you can do for math and geometry is practice so you can be sure that you can solve problems fast enough. The more you do something, the easier it is to go through the process of doing it. So, the more you practice on math geometry tests, the faster you will be solving problems.

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